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Welcome to our Spring Beaded Jewelry Collection

When we think Spring, we think warmer temperatures, colorful flowers blooming and butterflies in the air. I took all the beauty of Spring and incorporated them into my new colorful and warm Spring Beaded Jewelry Collection. Keep in mind that Jades Creations specializes in One-of-a-Kind designs, so once these beautiful Spring beaded jewelry designs are gone, they are gone for good.

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New Spring Beaded Jewelry added weekly !

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Turquoise and Crystal Beaded Earrings E1084
Turquoise Splash!
Earrings E1084
Lilac Pearl and Amethyst Beaded Earrings E907
Lilac Pearl and Amethyst
Earrings E907
Sky Blue Lampwork Beaded Earrings E1077
Sky Blue Lampwork
Earrings E1077

Colorful Sunset
 Beaded Earrings E1001
Beautiful Sunset
Earrings E1001
Peridot Swirl Lampwork Beaded Earrings E868
Peridot Swirl
Earrings E868
Pink and Fuchsia Beaded Earrings E1082
Pink and Fuchsia
Earrings E1082

Amethyst Crystal  Beaded Earrings E1016
Amethyst Crystal
Earrings E1016
Ocean Teal Blues Beaded Earrings E970
Ocean Teal Blues
Earrings E970
Pink Rose Lampwork Beaded Earrings
Pink Rose Lampwork
Earrings E866

Vintage RheinstoneBeaded Earrings EV316
Vintage Rhinestone
Earrings EV316
Pink Lampwork and Ruby Beaded Earrings E890
Pink Lampwork and Ruby
Earrings E890
Colorful Spring Earrings E574
Shades Of Summer
Earrings E975

Lampwork Beaded Earrings E1008
Lampwork Blue Swirl
Earrings E1008
Crystal AB Earrings E1021
Sparkle Beauty
Earrings E1021
Turquoise Jade and Crystal Vintage Style Beaded Earrings EV208
Turquoise Jade
Vintage Earrings EV208

Jades Flower View More Jades Creations Beaded EarringsJades Flower

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Spring Beaded Ankle Bracelets
Click Any Image To Enlarge

Beaded Anklet - Ankle Bracelet A199
Blue Cats Eye
Beaded Anklet A199
Amethyst Beaded Anklet A220
Beaded Anklet A235
Beaded Anklet - Ankle Bracelet A161
Brown Cats Eye
Beaded Anklet A161

Ruby Beaded Anklet - Ankle Bracelet A216
Ruby - Rose Crystal
Beaded Anklet A216
Gemstone Beaded Anklet A248
Gemstone Beaded
Anklet A248
Beaded Anklet A192
Blue-Pink Beauty
Beaded Anklet A192

Jades Flower View More Beaded Anklets and Ankle BraceletsJades Flower

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Beaded Bracelets Spring Collection
Click Any Image To Enlarge

Beaded Bracelet B469
Summer Sunset
Beaded Bracelet B469
Denim Fossil and Crystal Beaded Bracelet B465
Summer Color Splash
Bracelet B465
Sea Blue Crystal Beaded Bracelet B381
Lavender Beauty
Bracelet B381
Turquoise Howlite Beaded Bracelet 409
Turquoise Howlite
Beaded Bracelet B409
Peach Pearl Beaded Bracelet B397
Peach Pearl
Bracelet B397
Lampwork Beaded Bracelet B398
Sea Blue Crystal
Bracelet B398

Jades Flower View More Jades Creations Beaded BraceletsJades Flower

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New Spring Beaded Necklaces Designs

Click Any Image To Enlarge

Beaded Jewelry Citrine Gemstone Necklace
Citrine Gemstone
Beaded Necklace N247
Beaded Jewelry Sage Pearl Necklace
Sage Pearls
Necklace N265
Beaded Jewelry Necklaces
Necklace Set N251
Love You Beaded Jewelry Necklace
Love You !
Necklace N266
Beaded Jewelry Vintage Necklaces
Vintage Style
Crystal Necklace NV138
Beaded Jewelry Necklace
Always in My Heart
Necklace N264

Jades Flower View More Beaded NecklacesJades Flower

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Earrings     Anklets     Bracelets     Necklaces

New Spring Beaded Jewelry added weekly !

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