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Unique Gift Ideas

Jades Creations Sold Gallery

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Jewelry or beaded gifts located in our Sold Gallery may be made again depending on availablity of the beads and findings used in the design. If I can no longer get the beads, I may be able to create a similar reproduction to the sold design.

If you find an item here that you like, please email me with the item number and a brief description of the jewelry piece you would like. If the beads or findings are still in stock I may be able to recreate the design.

Note that if a sold item is recreated for you the price may be higher due
to the increased cost of silver.

Not all our Sold products are listed in our gallery.

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Beaded Jewelry Ankle Bracelets A118
Anklet - A118
Beaded Earrings E180
Earrings - E180
Beaded Necklaces N138
Necklace - N138
Beaded Watch WA09
Watch - WA09
Beaded Fanpull
Fan Pull - FP01
Beaded Anklet
Anklet - A111
Beaded Earrings E213
Earrings - E213
Beaded Bracelet
Bracelet - B145
Beaded Watch WA03
Watch - WA03S
Beaded Jewelry Earrings E209
Earrings - E209
Beaded Jewelry Necklace
Necklace - N129
Beaded Jewelry Earrings E128
Earrings - E128
Beaded Jewelry Earrings E279
Earrings - E279
Beaded Bracelet B270
Bracelet - B270
Beaded Keychain KC103
Keychain - KC103
Beaded Earrings E372
Earrings - E372
Beaded Keychain KC102
Keychain - KC102
Beaded Earrings E252
Earrings - E252
Beaded Earrings E439
Earrings - E439
Beaded Necklace Set NS120
Necklace Set - NS120
Beaded Earrings E405
Earrings - E405
Beaded Earrings E307
Earrings - E307
Beaded Necklace N166
Necklace - N166
Beaded Earrings E441
Earrings - E441
Beaded Necklace Set NS117
Necklace Set - NS117
Beaded Earrings E446
Earrings - E446
Beaded Necklace Set NS107
Necklace Set - NS107
Beaded Bracelet B222
Bracelet - B222
Beaded Earrings E415
Earrings - E415
Beaded Bracelet B215
Bracelet - B215
Beaded Earrings E226
Earrings - E226
Beaded Jewelry Necklace
Necklace - N124
Beaded Fan Pull FP08
Fan Pull - FP08
Beaded Jewelry Necklacet
Necklace - N149
Beaded Jewelry Necklacet
Necklace Set - NS147

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