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Kambaba Jasper and Tigers Eye Gemstone Beaded Bookmark

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Kambaba Jasper and Tigers Eye Gemstone Beaded Bookmark Bk203        Kambaba Jasper and Tigers Eye Gemstone Beaded Bookmark BK203B
Beaded Jewelry - Kambaba Jasper and Tigers Eye Gemstone Beaded Bookmark #BK203

A truly unique gift for avid readers
This earth-tone gemstone beaded bookmark is perfect for both men and women.

This bookmark features TigersEye faceted gemstones rondelles, beautiful Kambaba Jasper
gemstones in earth-tone shades of deep greens and soft black along with sterling silver beads.

Designed with matching deep hunter green braided heavy duty cord for strength and durability.
This method of design will not bind or indent your favorite book in the way some
"bead" style bookmark may cause. This cord slides right in your favorite book allowing
the beads to dangle out both ends keeping it in place.

This bookmark will fit in any size book or Bible and measures 19" in total length.
Learn about these beautiful gemstones below

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Kambaba Jasper
This beautiful gemstone which s full of earth-tone colors comes to us from South Africa.
Seen here in rich deep patterns green with a soft black design. This stone is said to stabilises our
emotion and calm our nerves. It is also know to generate energy, help one to relax and soothes our
nerves and state of mind.

Tigers Eye
This unique gemstone comes to us from Africa. Most people already know of this
beautiful gemstone which is why it is loved by so many. Once you own a piece of Tigers Eye you
always want more. This gemstone shown here in brown hues, also can be found in black, green, blue
and red. Tigers Eye is said to make us more aware of the world around us, to keep our eyes wide open
so we are more apt to act appropriately.

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