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Lampwork and Crystal Beaded Bookmark

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Lampwork and Crystal Beaded Bookmark Bk202        Lampwork and Swarovski Crystal Beaded Bookmark BK201B
Beaded Jewelry - Lampwork and Swarovski Crystal Beaded Bookmark #BK201
A truly unique gift for avid readers
This bookmark features foil lined lampwork beads in beautiful shades of blues and
yellow. Indicolite (Blue) Swarovski Austrian Crystals along with sterling silver and soft yellow
Venetian Crackled Glass Beads are also featured in this design.

Designed with matching a soft light green braided heavy duty cord for strength and durability.
This method of design will not bind or indent your favorite book in the way some
"bead" style bookmark may cause. This cord slides right in your favorite book allowing
the beads to dangle out both ends keeping it in place.

This bookmark will fit in any size book or Bible and measures 18" in total length.
Learn about these beautiful beads below

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About Venetian Crackled Glass Beads
The Venetian glass makers of the 16th century invented the marvelous process
of the "crackle" heating and cooling technique, creating a multitude of reflective
surfaces, so every movement displays sparkling new radiance.

Swarovski Austrian Crystals
Swarovski has been making history for 113 years. Their crystal components are regarded
as the highest quality machine cut and polished crystal beads in the world since 1892.
During early decades of the 20th century, Swarovski Austrian Crystals became an essential
ingredient in the world of high fashion. This still holds true today! Swarovski creates its glass with
a special compound that imitators cannot duplicate. The special compound creates the incredible
brilliance of their product. The delicate color palette is another quality that sets Swarovski
crystal components apart from others.

Lampwork Beads
Artful glass beads handmade one at a time and takes several steps to create just one bead.
Each lampwork bead is made by working molten glass rods around a wire or mandrel over an
open flame. The bead is shaped, textured, and/or patterns are also added. After each beads has
been designed, they are placed in a kiln to harden. Lampwork beads can come from all over the world.
These beads are very unique and beautiful art in themselves. Some Lampwork beads can not be redesigned,
leaving them impossible to find again.

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