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Welcome to our Fall Beaded Jewelry Collection

Jades Creations specializes in One-of-a-Kind designs, so once these beautiful Fall beaded jewelry designs are gone, they are gone for good.

Stylish Fall Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry Designs

Inspired by the beauty of the season, my Fall beaded jewelry designs
are bursting with color and style.

New Fall Beaded Jewelry designs added frequently !

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Fall Beaded Earrings Collection
Click Any Image To Enlarge

Amber and Bronze Sparkle Beaded Earrings E2047
Amber Sparkle
Earrings E2047
Mauve Pearl Dangle Beaded Earrings E2041
Mauve Pearl
Earrings E2041
Fall Lampwork Beaded Earrings E901
Earrings E901

Olive Teardrop Beaded Earrings E904
Olive Teardrop
Earrings E904
Etched Moss Green Beaded Earrings E2046
Moss Green
Earrings E2046
Onyx Gemstone Beaded Earrings GE414
Black Onyx
Earrings GE414

Beaded Blueberry Quartz Gemstone Earrings GE388
Blueberry Quartz
Gemstone Earrings GE388
Mahogany Obsidian Gemstone Beaded Earrings EV355
Mahogany Obsidian
Earrings EV355
Burnt Orange Beaded Earrings E917
Burnt Orange
Earrings E917

Jades Flower View More Jades Creations Beaded Earrings

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Fall Beaded Ankle Bracelets
Click Any Image To Enlarge

Beaded Anklet - Ankle Bracelet A212
Denim Sodalite
Gemstone Anklet A212
Beaded Anklet A223
Black Onyx Gemstone
Beaded Anklet A223
Beaded Anklet - Ankle Bracelet A161
Brown Cat's Eye
Beaded Anklet A161

Russian Jade Gemstone Beaded Anklet - Ankle Bracelet A219
Russian Jade
Gemstone Anklet A219
Beaded Anklet A170
Brown Fire Polished
Beaded Anklet A194
Beaded Anklet A242
Serpentine Gemstone
Anklet A242

Jades Flower View More Beaded Anklets and Ankle BraceletsJades Flower

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Beaded Bracelets Fall Collection
Click Any Image To Enlarge

Sapphire Silver Foil Lampwork Beaded Bracelet B432
Sapphire Lampwork
Beaded Bracelet B432
Coral Nugget and Lampwork Beaded Bracelet B482
Coral Nugget/Lampwork
Beaded Bracelet B482
Lampwork Beaded Bracelet B382
Montana Blue/Lampwork
Bracelet B382
Gemstone and Pearl Beaded Bracelet B491
Bracelet B491
Agate and Golden Quartz Gemstone Beaded Bracelet B510
Autumn Gemstones
Bracelet B510
Cats Eye and Stone Beaded Bracelet B495
Cat's Eye and Stone
Bracelet B495
Beaded Bracelet B384
Black Pearl
Beaded Bracelet B384
Golden Topaz and Lampwork Beaded Bracelet B485
Golden Topaz/Lampwork
Beaded Bracelet B485
Fancy Jasper Gemstone Beaded Bracelet B443
Jasper Gemstone
Beaded Bracelet B443

Jades Flower View More Jades Creations Beaded BraceletsJades Flower

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New Fall Beaded Necklaces Designs

Click Any Image To Enlarge

Beaded Jewelry Citrine Gemstone Necklace
Citrine Gemstone
Beaded Necklace N247
Beaded Jewelry Sage Pearl Necklace N265
Sage Freshwater Pearl
Necklace N265
Beaded Jewelry Necklace
Autumn Jasper
Necklace NS227
Beaded Jewelry Sapphire Freshwater Pearl and Moonstone Necklace or Necklace Set N274
Pearl & Moonstone
Necklace or Set N274
Grey Cats Eye and Shell Beaded Necklace or Beaded Necklace Set N276
Cats Eye & Shell
Beaded Necklace N276
Onyx Gemstone Beaded Necklace or Necklace Set N275
Necklace or Set N275
Beaded Jewelry Necklaces
Necklace Set N239
Beaded Jewelry Necklaces
Cranberry Pearl
Necklace N229
Beaded Jewelry Necklace
Unakite Gemstone
Necklace NS224

Jades Flower View More Beaded NecklacesJades Flower

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Earrings     Anklets     Bracelets     Necklaces

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