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How to care for your new beaded jewelry

Jades Creations Beaded Jewelry Care Guide

For more information check our other helpful guide pages shown below.

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Beaded jewelry is too beautiful to allow it to be damaged.
Below are several helpful tips to help keep your beaded jewelry beautiful for years.

Beaded Jewelry Care

* Try to store your jewelry separately so it doesn't scratch other jewelry.
(plastic bags are wonderful for protecting jewelry pieces)

*Jewelry should only be put on after washing and applying any makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions or perfume.

*Try to protect any jewelry from harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight.

*Always try to store your beaded necklaces or bracelets flat.

*You should not wear beaded jewelry while doing household or outdoor chores.

*You should never wear any jewelry when swimming or showering. The chlorine can cause damage to various gemstones and gold.

*Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.

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Care of Gemstone Jewelry

*Many of the above beaded jewelry care tips apply to gemstone jewelry as well.
We have listed a few more care tips below.

Natural colored gemstones are often treated to improve their appearance. These treatments are permanent and require no special care. The information below will insure that your colored gemstone jewelry remains beautiful for years to come.

*Wipe your precious gemstone jewelry with a clean, soft, damp cloth after wearing. This will enhance the luster and assure that your jewelry is clean before being stored.

*Do not expose your gemstone jewelry to salt water or harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or detergents. These chemicals may slowly erode the finish and polish of gems.

*A blow could damage the beauty of any gemstone. So it is best to store them while engaging in any activity where they might be subjected to high impact.

* Gemstone Jewelry should only be put on after washing and applying any makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions or perfume. These agents may cause gemstones to dull.

*Do not use jewelry cleaner as it will cause damage to the gemstones.

*Ensure all gemstone jewelry stay out of the sun. Most gemstones may fade with prolonged sun exposure.

*Store your gemstone jewelry in a clean, dry place.

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Sterling Silver

All silver tarnishes naturally. To help prevent tarnishing store your beaded or sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry place or inside an air-tight plastic bag. Some jewelry boxes are lined with anti-tarnish fabric. If a jewelry piece should tarnish, you can clean off the tarnish using a regular cloth or special anti-tarnish cloth. Clean the silver carefully avoiding polishing any other beads. Using a cloth should not damage the dark oxidation in the recesses of the silver. Do not use jewelry cleaner on any beaded or sterling silver jewelry.

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